The deadly Tornado in Parkersburg Iowa 

On May 25th 2008 in Parkersburg Iowa there was a deadly tornado that killed 7 people and injured 67 others. The western part of Parkersburg received the most damage. The estimated cost to rebuild the town was 6 million dollars! This tornado moved across the towns of Parkersburg, Aplington, New Hartford, Waterloo and Dunkerton, but Parkersburg suffered the most damage.
Some local shelters were Parkersburg Elementry, Aplington Middle School, Dunkerton Community School and Hazelton First Presbyterian Church. All of the towns records were lost in the storm. The estimated wind speed in the tornado was 205 mph. The people who live in Parkersburg are now starting to rebuild their town.  It will probably be years before their town will be back to normal.